Sunday, January 11, 2015

We're not going to Walmart....

Last night at dinner, Mommy was trying to get Noble to eat, and she said it was because we had to go to Walmart to pick up pictures. She was trying to get him to hurry, because the photo lab was going to close. So, she hurried us into the car, and we headed to Walmart. (We were going a CRAZY way! Nobody goes to Walmart the way we were going!) And, Mommy asked Daddy where we were going in that parent voice. (Parent voice- we are up to something, so listen closely.) And Daddy said that he was going to turn around. We pulled into the movie theater, and he pulled the car around. He was actually just parking in a crazy spot to make Noble believe him. And when we parked, Noble was kind of upset (I know, right!) that we were at the movie theater!
  It turned out that we were going to see Annie for the second time. (Mommy, Noble, and I saw it in Granbury. Daddy hadn't seen it.) Noble and I sang along with the songs, because we knew them all! If you haven't seen the movie, I recommend it! Afterwards, we went home and got ready for bed. While we were putting our pajamas on, Mommy took down our book Christmas tree, and she found one of Daddy's favorite books from when he was little. It was One Mitten Lewis. He read that to us before we went to bed, and it was about a boy that always loses one of his two mittens. After going through, like, 7 pairs of mittens, he figures out that he can wear them mismatched. Way to go, Lewis! :)


  1. You have some cool parents, but then again you and Noble are pretty cool kids! Glad yall had a good weekend! We still haven't seen Annie!