Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Harry Potter Marathon

Over the Christmas Holidays, I hosted a Harry Potter marathon at my house for my friends. We watched all 8 movies in 23 hours and 45 minutes, only because we slept through a movie and a half, then replayed them both. We tried to have a British theme with the food, so we had fish and chips for dinner, and I made butterbeer cupcakes for dessert. (Which were excellent by the way.)


I was supposed to make a butterbeer buttercream, but it was last minute no we didn't have one ingredient. So, I whipped up some vanilla buttercream that was wonderful with the cake. For liners and toppers, I used some London themed decorations that I got as a set from Sur La Table. (Does anyone know how to say that correctly?)

While we watched the movies, we snacked on chips, candy, nuts, crackers, and all sorts of other good stuff. (I can't even tell you how much junk food I ate that night!) This is our snack and candy counter.

And to complete our night of fun, we took selfies with the TV and put mustaches on Ron. :)

(Personally, I think Ron looks better with a mustache!)

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